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I find Current most useful for seeing incoming notifications via Notification Center and managing individual message threads.

I had to create lots additional functionality on top of a regular web browser to support projecting content into many different kinds of windows. Some of those custom windows include native pop-up windows for photo browsing and video playback.

Clicking notifications takes you to either a dedicated window, or an in-app web view of Facebook. Take control of your Apple Pencil 2. Triqtraq turns your iPhone into an amazing groovebox [Review]. Today in Apple history: If an app is in the app store, its developers have to pay a cut to Apple when you purchase it.

5 ways Turn Off Notifications on a Mac (all at once or one by one)

The issues have been catalogued by Mac developers in many posts like Mac App Store: The Subtle Exodus. How to Install Applications On a Mac: Everything You Need to Know. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. This will ensure that when you re-download the update, the processes will not hang again. Open the Activity Monitor and set its view to All Processes. Type in store to search for App Store related processes, and force-quit all of these daemon processes:. Go to the following folder:. Then press the power button to start your Mac again and the problem should be gone.

One of the most notorious problems of the Mac App Store is when it displays the error message Cannot connect to the App Store. This has multiple causes, but you can solve them.

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First, you must check your internet connection. Choose the Network item and ensure that there is a green icon next to the network in the left sidebar. Sometime the issue may not be a problem on your end.

How to Turn Off Notifications on a Mac

Relaunch the app and sign in again. Rarely, you might see a peculiar We could not complete your purchase: Unknown Error message when buying apps. If you still see the same error message, then you might have an issue with the iTunes Terms and Conditions. When you do a significant update of macOS, Apple wants you to accept the conditions again. In this case, quit the apps, accept the new Terms and Conditions, and relaunch them. You may need to reboot to prompt the acceptance dialog. Over these years, Apple has tended to ignore the Mac App Store.

The Sandbox, or Why Many Apps Can’t Be On the Store

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