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Again, this happened frequently with the Lion installer, but less so with Mountain Lion and Mavericks. If this happens to you, the solution is either to delete the GM installer after compressing it or copying it to a removable drive if you want to keep it handy or, if possible, to disconnect the drive on which the GM resides. If you run the installer from its default location in the Applications folder, the installation process deletes the installer, presumably to free up the 5. So if, as explained above, you plan to use the installer on other Macs, if you want to create a bootable installer drive , or if you just want to keep the installer on hand, before installing, you should copy the installer to another drive—or at least move it out of the Applications folder.

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Mountain Lion: If you were, you're prompted to enter the password for your Apple ID. Click Agree twice , and setup continues. Once that task is complete, you should be able to get right to work with no further interruptions. Oddly, on one of our Lion-equipped test Macs, we weren't prompted on the first restart to provide our Apple ID; it was only on the second restart that we were prompted. I suspect this was simply a glitch.

Snow Leopard: Click Agree twice , and you can start using Mavericks. Empty drive: If you installed Mavericks onto a blank drive, your Mac will automatically restart with that drive as the startup drive. First you choose a system language and keyboard layout. Next, you choose a Wi-Fi network and provide the network password. If you're connected to an Ethernet network, you skip this step. The setup procedure will then continue much as if you upgraded from Mountain Lion, Lion, or Snow Leopard, respectively.

How to make a bootable Mavericks install drive. Installing Mavericks: Our complete guide. How to install Mavericks over Leopard. For most Mac users, it will take less than an hour; in some cases, it will take much less than an hour. If you haven't been to page 1 of this guide yet, be sure to stop in and review what you need to successfully perform an upgrade. Don't forget to create a current backup of your Mac before proceeding. The download may also auto-start the installer process. In this guide, we're going to assume that either the installer didn't start on its own or you canceled the installation so you could obtain some background information on the process.

It may seem like your Mac is stalled, but the first startup takes a bit of time because your Mac is performing a number of one-time housekeeping chores after the initial install of the new OS. Take some time to explore the new features of OS X Mavericks, and then get back to work or play. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated April 26, A startup drive with sufficient space for the Mavericks installation. Because you're performing an upgrade install, the target destination for the upgrade will be your startup drive.

The drive must have enough free space to perform the installation, as well as enough free space for your OS and apps to work well after the installation is complete. Close any apps that are currently running on your Mac, including your browser. If you like, you can print this guide by selecting Print from your browser's File menu. The Mavericks installer window will open. Click the Continue button.

The Mavericks license agreement will display. Read through the agreement or not , and then click the Agree button. A dialog sheet will open stating that you have agreed to the terms of the license. Click the Agree button. The Mavericks installer will display the drive icon for your startup drive. If you have multiple drives attached to your Mac, you will also see a button labeled Show All Disks. So after having these 2 major issues, i downgraded back to Time for troubleshooting….

HI Dan — Afraid not! In that case, your system is probably experiencing hardware problems. HI Dan — tis apple memory installed by apple at the time of purchase — there are no peripherals except my apple mouse and apple keyboard and i am on a CAT 5 network via a cable no external drives nothing — over to you: How much free disk space does your system have?

Have you performed all firmware updates for the system? If you are running a new, bare OS installation on a stock system with no third-party hardware or software and you still have issues, I am stumped. HI Dan, Well its had me stumped as well, thats why I dont use mavericks, its not good, going back to ML everything is just great — so here i stay till they get it sorted — and to answer your questions i got 1TB HD with free.

How to Perform an Upgrade Install of OS X Mavericks

I do agree though, that Mountain lion was a smooth ride. Failure of the hidden dock to pop up correctly when moused over. Seriously, Apple? And the Displaylink USB graphics support is now completely chuffed-up-the-muffin. The finder speed is terrible! How is it that spotlight can find it in seconds, and the finder takes secs to open up a folder from any of my programs. I run Snow leopard, it works efficiently for me. I have looked at mavericks and for me it is a disasterand wonder how a company like Apple can release something so flawed and half way through its expected life span have still not fixed it.

And because of this am keeping my ipad on Ios6 which is also unappealing to me. Good job apple! Broken apps, finder wierdness, non standard window opening behaviour, but worst of all, the breaking of local syncing. This really is dreadful. If you are on Mountain Lion think carefully before accepting the poisoned apple from the old crone.

It is with great hope those responsible at Apple are able to process constructive criticism and make things right. I have several key applications that have not been updated past that level, or whose upgrades are inferior to the original. I am also wary of the bugs reported in Mail, which is powerful in Snow Leopard and crippled in Mavericks. My solution is to run a dual-boot Mac with both OSes in separate partitions, a family of applications residing in each. Going to try to make that work with Parallels next, so theoretically I can share many resources between Snow Leopard and Mavericks, and easily flip between them…anyone with experience actually doing this, your insight would be most appreciated.

Heads up OS X Lion users: Update to Mavericks to continue using Fusion 360

Sorry this is such a late reply, I only just saw this. I installed Mavericks on the day of its release,and tolerated it for two weeks. Having said that,even if mavericks had been stable on my machine,I would still have reverted to Mountain Lion,which I am using,because of the doing away of coloured labels and the inability to double click a folder to open in a new folder, with Mavericks.

Also hate the way Spotlight in Mavericks uses tagging. Obviously the article focused on Lion another inferior Mac operating system in order to try to influence people to upgrade to Mavericks because Mavericks is on a par or worse. Jony Ive has no taste and neither does Tim Cook. What a shame we lost Steve Jobs. My biggest complaint about Mavericks is apple mail….. When forwarding or composing adding people is very laborious, too many keystrokes now as compared to previous version.

Literally the only problem I have found with it is the obvious lack of Rosetta. I do admit that everything that was in Lion, Mtn. Lion and Mavericks is the equivalent of 1 major update, and it should have been refined before public release. Why is everyone so upset by the recommendation to upgrade? Is it the Mail problems with Gmail? Just use Gmail. I had a lot of trouble with my scanner after the Mavericks upgrade and still have not completely resolved the issue.

It took months for FujiZerox to catch up with upgrade and caused a lot of of problems in the meantime. Like many Apple upgrades it messes with things that were perfectly fine before.

Keeping the installer on hand

Also the idea that down grading from a Time Machine backup is easy, is totally preposterous. You need to reinstall your operating system separately. This article needs serious editing. And even doing that involves downtime that could be spent productively. Ran perfectly well. I am running an late 08 Mac on Mav and it dose just fine and omg mail works too. I believe Apple reads the blogs sees what the problems are and works to fix them. Trust fund computer. I got mine used a year ago for the upgrade to Mountain Lion was cheep to Mav free and not like the greedy Windozzzz, most of the app I need are free so are the upgrades to IWorks.

Peace Hanna. I seem to remember more weirdities and complaints about Maybe Apple introduces new features in the odd-numbered releases and perfects them in the even-numbered releases. Since Steve Jobs died, Apple seems to be confusing simplification with stupidification. A good example of this is Pages, which went from a professional word processor to a coloring book overnight.

Network Utility is alive and well in Mavericks. About This Mac: More Info…: Window menu. OS X Snow Leopard — great, very stable, most reliable OS Apple has made, no complaints, but outdated and increasingly missing new, useful, and important features. Things work. Like Windows 7. Why is Finder so slow? Why is memory management so bad? Mavericks has potential but it is like a poorly tested beta. The next version of OS X? And hire some new members to the Quality Assurance team, or let the community not just developers beta test your stuff before dumping it onto the public at large FFS!

No problems with memory either. I use Mavericks and enjoy it. I think it might a memory caching issue maybe? It seems to have an issue connecting with my outbound server…Ive reset my accounts and everything, no luck, still acts the same. I think it might have something to do with maybe my email provider… So I use Thunderbird or Postbox.

Those send just as they should. The Mail app has been my biggest issue since It is always all about money.

Why this free upgrade for everyone? So that everybody can buy from the app store without compatibility problems. I personally stay with ML, if everything works fine why you should change? So you can have new problems? No, thanks. Finder is quite slow, now, especially for Save As operations and for showing the thumbnails of photos in a folder. They picked the right name, though, Mavericks. The waves are where you find spinning beach balls.

Yes, it does work. Just not very well. Slowness, sluggish, crashes, etc, all are gone after a clean install. Or if you buy a brand new Mac with it preinstalled you will see this too. The only exception is the Mail problems, which are currently irreparable without running beta software.

I work at a Mac service center. I was noticing a pattern of people who upgraded to Mavericks on pre Macs of all types. Some upgrading from Of course most did not have backups. The 3D graphics drivers in Mavericks seem less stable than the ones in Mountain Lion. Games like Minecraft, WoW, etc. Reverted back to Mountain Lion and the crashes stopped. I am stuck on Lion because neither Mountain Lion or Mavericks will install on my hardware. No amount of exhortations will help me. If and when Apple releases a new MacMini I will probably upgrade.

Not worth it. If the prices of Mac Pros drop when the new ones get on the market I may shop for an older one that is able to move to Mavericks. The most simple solution is by Tiamo MacRumors. About the Lion OS, I stopped using it moment They were what I purchased for each kid as they left for college.

Upgrading from OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

I do regular updates not only on my OS but also all my apps to keep everything running smoothly. I also have Time Machine automatically back up to a connected external LeCie hard drive. I just hope that happens before my planned replacement of both my machines in September or October of this year. Thanks to one and all for posting, it made my decision incredibly easy.

My mac is always up to date. If anything, Mountain Lion was the worst for me. Lion came preinstalled on my mid white MacBook with zero problems. I ran into trouble with the Mountain Lion update with terrible responsiveness even after a clean install. I use two Gmail accounts on my mac, one Yahoo and one iCloud. No issues here. In fact, shortly after the update, I received a piece of mail that was incorrectly labeled as spam. But it had become invisible.

Frankly, I wish I had never installed Mavericks. I have generally been an early adopter of new operating systems. But I am running Lion was unequivocally a disaster. Lion is much better, but imagine a whole operating system devoted to fixing the bugs and poor choices of the previous system.

How to Perform an Upgrade Install of OS X Mavericks

But there are no compelling features that make me want to switch. And then Mavericks is buggy again. Instead of coming out with a new operating system every year where the odd-numbered versions are disasters that get fixed by the next update, why not just do one GOOD, stable operating system every two years?

Far better than rushing out buggy crap. Turned out the temporary Mountain Lion was unnecessary. Interesting to read all the hate about Lion. I updated to Mavericks and could not use my scanner or my printers. I had to go back to Mountain Lion. Has this issue been resolved? I wish I could agree with you but I found the upgrade to Mavericks a big mistake. And I see no significant benefits to Mavericks over Lion.

If you decide to ignore my warning though. The textures. They were just removed. Firefox has had them separate for how long, I wonder? Emails have the CC recipients in gray, so I have to strain to see who all got the message. The URLs in Safari are gray after the primary web address, but in my job, I need information beyond the primary web address, which requires more eye strain because of the gray.

So many on here are saying Lion was the worst Mac OS X ever, but I always thought that about Leopard, which was a space hog and very s-l-o-w. I have been pleased with Lion. My one complaint about upgrading is the loss of the mosaic option in the screen saver. It is one of the neatest features in Lion and Snow Leopard, almost an app in and of itself, and there are many in the support forums who apparently have the same sentiment.

There were workarounds to making it work in Mountain Lion but those options were eliminated apparently in Mavericks. Not of the reasons for its discontinuation, but if anyone else agrees, please let Apple HQ know. I upgraded my Macbook from Lion to Mavericks, Big mistake! Cause now it has major connection issues and print driver issues.

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Expect to lose the ability to connect to your printer via wifi if its connected to another computer that has a different OS other than Mavericks installed. Personally I believe its a communication issue. I can see the printer on the network, but it makes no connection. It drops then says unable to connect at this time. Only after countless searches was I able to find out that Mavericks uses SMB2 technology now to connect by default to other computers on network. If you want to connect from the Leopard installed G5 to Mavericks, forget about it!

No one knows how! Because its a hit or miss for some!

ARCHIVED: How do I install OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)?

ANd by the way…many people are experiencing dropped connections with Mavericks! So save yourselves the headache until they fix these bugs which are major! I recommend to stick with the version you have now till they fix Mavericks…it has issues which previous versions did not have quite honestly! Why do you publish such a recommendation? If you read the article you will see exactly why upgrading to Mavericks makes sense if you are running Lion.

On Mavericks Apple killer Quicklook. On Yes, 3rd party plugins like Perian needed. But on Mavericks not even the older QT videos can be played. User friendly? Everything works fine, reliable and very fast. Advice to upgrade to Mavericks is stupid Bullsquid!!! Only one thing I miss from Yosemite are iCloud Drive. But if Apple think to blackmail me with this, F.. Then, continue following the on-screen prompts to complete the process. The audio from my firewire sound card glitches at every available opportunity. Just recently compiled the java runtime myself to keep it up to date, and have been living on the libraries provided by macports for a while now, since Fink has stopped supporting Oh, by the way, when I finally have to pull the plug on I have debian linux fully up-to-date installed on this in preparation for the day.

My iMac is running Lion I am having a problem with updating java, though. Could you pass on any articles or such which can help me compile my java runtime? Great comment and very inspiring. And I really resent the inevitable, yet somehow always unexpected costly loss of support for other apps. Anyone coming with us?!! When I used I only wish that Even ChronoSync is total garbage after extensively testing it against like 4 other backup software options.

My last bit of advice, if on