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The blonde felt like he needed to shower then rest his aching body, but he was craving sugar. As the Cup Cake Corner's door came into to Big Mac's view he smiled, he could already smell the cake! The warm, sweet smell that in some ways comforted him. He came here a lot for cake and to see his friend Pinkie Pie who was a bubbly girl with curly pink hair and pale blue eyes.

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She had worked there for just over a year when her parents retired from the job. But no one was there, not even Pinkie Pie. He looked around to still not see her but he could hear movement from behind the counter so he yelled for her. You there?

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So what'cha want today? And mind me I do love sugar as well but isn't it a little late to be eating cake? She smiled then picked the tongs up so she could retrieve the cake.

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  7. When do you get off? I don't mind walking you home if you'd like Aww thanks, I'm just about to get off, after I wipe the sides down then lock up for the day. Big Mac was unbelievably happy that he got to spend more time with Pinkie Pie! He grinned at her then took a seat as he waited for her to finish.

    The same thought going though his mind while he was sitting and eating his cake. I'm definitely going to do it this time! No turning back! Pinkie Pie had finally finished closing up the shop. Big Mac was patiently waiting outside the shop as she locked the doors and put the key into her small pink bag.

    He grinned at her then they both started walking together to Pinkie Pie's house which was around half an hour away. As they walked they made small talk about how their week had been so far and Big Mac was telling Pinkie Pie jokes that made her laugh. Her laugh was light and cute, it made Big Mac's heart flutter as the warm feeling in his chest built up more and more as they continued to talk. Finally they had made it to Pinkie Pie's house and where standing outside her front door.

    I will probably be at the shop tomorrow too so i might see you tomorrow. But even so, it made Big Mac's heart race and smile at the gesture. Pinkie Pie I was wondering She was a little taken back but she just smiled at him. Sure, I mean I'm going to be honest now I have liked you He couldn't believe she had liked him, just the thought made his heart stop then start again with a greater pace. I mean I have fancied you for a long time too but I never noticed that you liked me Pinkie Pie knew what he was going to say, and it made her even more happy so she hugged him.

    The hug was warm and once Big Mac had laced his arms around Pinkie Pie's waist, their bodies wear practically flush together. Both of their hearts were racing at an alarming rate. The warmth from the others body and the silence was such an amazing feeling for them both. The feeling of the other against their body made them both smile. Big Mac loosened his grip slightly and placed his hands gently on his girl friends hips, he lightly pushed her away enough so he could see her face. Her hands where now on his strong shoulders as they starred in to the others eyes. After staring at each other for what felt like eternity, Big Mac leaned in so he could capture Pinkie Pie's lips.

    The kiss was light and sweet.

    He soon pulled away but once he realized he loved the feeling of those lips against his, they where so joined together again but this kiss was more heated, more passionate. Without knowing it, cloths where being pulled off and hands was roaming and groping every where. They had some how reached Pinkie Pie's bedroom. It also didn't help that Spike was out gem hunting again and probably wouldn't get back until the next day at the earliest. So the best thing for her to do was to hop to it and get to work! Twilight giggled a bit and wondered where this work-ethic suddenly came from.

    Well, no time to worry about that nonsense. Time to get busy! So Twilight went to task, first by resorting all the books. She also set aside a couple of books that caught her interest so she could read when she finished her task. However, before she was able to finish, she suddenly became aware that something was off. Her magic was becoming less and less effective. She even had to strain to execute a simple levitation spell.

    She took a break from her work and took a look at herself in the mirror. Her horn seemed fine to her. No cracks, spots, or anything else physically wrong. Maybe it was time for a test, she thought. She went over to her desk and found the lightest thing on it, a quill. Concentrating with all her might, she tried to summon a basic levitation spell.

    But this time, nothing happened at all. She tried concentrating harder. It shouldn't have taken this much effort on a simple quill, but she was still concentrating as hard as she could, but nothing was happening. It was as if all her magic was gone! I guess I'll take a break. She began to make her way back up to her bed when she heard a frantic knocking at her front door. Twilight hurried over to see who it was knocking and what could be the problem. She opened the door and saw Rainbow Dash, with a very horrified look on her face. I can't even open my wings anymore!

    They were folded to her sides. Twilight gave the wings a close look. They seemed fine otherwise, but Rainbow was still unable to unfurl them. Twilight sighed. I can't even use my magic right now! Rainbow Dash heart sank in dread. She ran into the library and began to go through Twilight's book pile in a desperate search for a solution. Twilight, what the hay is this? These are all farming books! Twilight did a double take.

    She went back to take a closer look at the books she set aside earlier. Sure enough, all the books were all about farming and agriculture. Rainbow Dash groaned. Now's not the time for horsing around! Can't you see Ah need help here? They suddenly heard a voice shouting from afar in panic. Even from a distance, they could tell that the voice belonged to Rarity. Sure enough a few seconds later, Rarity ran into the library looking as if her world was falling apart around her.

    Rarity put a forehoof to her head as she overreacted. It's horrible! It's… THE! Rarity touched her horn. Rarity produced one of her design sheets and showed it to the two. What they saw was that the sheet was filled with nothing but drawings of cowboy hats.

    It's like I completely forgot how to design dresses at all". We can't fly or use magic anymore. Rainbow Dash followed Twilight's observations and was starting to come to the conclusion that No way. That was just impossible. There was no way they could be But then again, they way they were all acting was proof that it was happening. She turned to Twilight.

    Rarity gasped in horror at the news. Not that! Anything but that! Twilight, you have to stop this! Twilight managed to get her head around the situation. Come on! The three took to the streets of Ponyville to see if this weird Applejack virus had struck anypony else. They galloped up and down the streets, looking for similar symptoms like they were going through.

    However, after a few minutes of checking, it became clear that nopony else that they've seen was affected. The pegasi were still flying, the unicorns were still using their magic, and no one was talking with an accent. Twilight put a hoof to her chin. Ah reckon we take this up with Twilight.

    Rarity quickly took hold of Twilight, grabbing her by the shoulders. We can't let this thing get us!

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    She quickly shook her head as she realized how she greeted her friend. Oh dear Rainbow Dash shrugged. Pinkie put a hoof to her chin. Pinkie nodded. It was really weird too. And it wasn't just that. I was looking to bake some cookies this morning, but I wound up making an apple pie instead. I even used Granny Smith's secret recipe, and I never knew she even had a secret recipe! A chilling thought came to Rarity. Before Rarity could finish her thought, a small white blur and a big yellow blur zoomed right in front of them. Everypony looked on to see that yellow blur was actually Fluttershy.

    Well it looked like Fluttershy at least. She had the right mane style and the right cutie mark, but this pony had a determined look on her face and held a lasso in her mouth as she was trying to run down her pet rabbit, Angel. In one fluid motion, she looped the lasso over her head and launched it at the bunny, roping him into submission. The four friends watched the whole scene unfurl in absolute shock as Fluttershy handled the lasso like a natural. Fluttershy's ears perked as she heard Twilight call her.

    She tilted her head in confusion. Shoot, Twilight. I ain't Fluttershy. Don't you know your friend Applejack when you see her? She took a closer look at her fellow pegasus and did a double take. She could swear she could see freckles on Fluttershy's face now. That's me! Talk to y'all later! It's bad enough that she started to act like Applejack, but freckles? She shook her head in defiance.

    I will not let this get to me! Rarity galloped away at full speed, hoping to outrun this horrible affliction. Twilight, meanwhile, sank to her haunches. She then produced a cowboy hat from out of nowhere. She then whipped out a tape recorder and hit the play button. An upbeat piano tune began to play and Pinkie started to sing.

    The smiles on Rainbow Dash and Twilight's faces faded as quickly as they appeared when they realized what they were doing, and that freckles had magically appeared on Pinkie's face during the song. Not even bothering to respond, Rainbow Dash ran down the street in full speed, with Twilight trailing behind her. Pinkie stood confused as they suddenly left. After a short while, she began to head her way back to her home, passing in front of Sugarcube Corner without a second glance and continuing towards the outskirts of Ponyville.

    Oh well, can't worry about any of that. Ah've got to get back to the farm! Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Twilight hurried their way to find a cure before they lost any more of themselves. Twilight froze as she realized what she said. We're going to the library!

    Oh no… I think we're running out of time! With the situation now dire, Rainbow Dash began to run towards the Everfree Forest. Maybe she has a secret remedy for this," she shouted. Twilight nodded and continued to hurry back to the library. Rainbow Dash ran with all her might, which was an action the pegasus wasn't used to. If her wings were working normally, she could have made it to Zecora's and back by now.

    But her wings were still immoble, stuck to her sides as if they were glued there. So she was stuck running on the ground. Rainbow Dash kept running until she noticed she was running by Sweet Apple Acres. She slowed her pace as her thoughts got the better of her. She stopped running and slumped on the ground. Even if we fix this turning-into-Applejack thing, there's no guarantee that we can fix my wings. I could never fly agin! I can't even be Rainbow Dash if I can't fly. So then Rainbow Dash glanced to Sweet Apple Acres.

    While looking at the farm, she noticed something she never had before; Applejack's obstacle course she used to train for the rodeo. She wondered, now she was grounded, if she could handle the obstacle course herself. Rainbow Dash found herself smirking at the challenge. She stated to slowly trot to the first hurdle. Before long, she started to pick up her pace into a full gallop as the obstacle came closer. She reached the first hurdle at full speed and easily leaped over it.

    She kept her focus on the course as she also cleared the next couple of hurdles with ease. Then, up ahead of her, there it was. The big hurdle, surrounded by that mudpit. Rainbow licked her lips with anticipation.

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    She got this. With a mighty leap, she sailed over the mud and over the hurdle, with barely an inch of clearance between her legs and the bar. Landing on the other side, she came face to face with the final challenge, the haystack toss. With a determined scowl, Rainbow raced to the haystack. She grabbed the rope that tied it together, and in one fluid motion, did a full before launching the stack into the air. Rainbow kept an eye on the haystack as it sailed over the finish line and landed.

    Rainbow Dash smiled. A new personal record! Freckles had now appeared on her face. Time to get back to work! Meanwhile at the library, Twilight buried herself in books, desperate to find a solution to reverse whatever it was affecting her and her friends. Usually when pressed like this, she would fly through book after book in search of an answer. This time, she wasn't having much luck. Her progress was slower than she was usually accustomed to as she found herself unable to understand some of her most advanced books.

    The lack of any magic to help her turn the pages wasn't helping things either. She paced back and forth in an attempt to steady her mind. You can do this. Just focus. I'm not Applejack. I'm Twilight Sparkle. I'm from Canterlot. I have an assistant baby dragon named Spike. That's right, Shining Armor and his wife Apple Bloom! No, that ain't right. That young'n way too young to get married. She shook her head, trying to get these Applejack thoughts out of her mind, and tried again.

    No, that's not right either. My pet is a dog, not an owl! I mean, Owl! My pet is an owl! Twilight took a slow deep breath. Twilight flipped her reading stand over in frustration, sending the book and several scrolls flying to the floor. Her anger was quickly replace with sadness as she collapsed on the floor. What am I going to do? She gathered the blank scroll and her quill. She also looked for her ink, but her fit of frustration spilled the ink on the library floor. Groaning in frustration, Twilight began to search for some extra ink.

    A quick search around the library later, she found a bottle of ink on a bookshelf, just a few rungs out of reach above her. She took a closer look at the ink. It looked to be right on the edge of the shelf. A sudden thought popped into her head. She couldn't use magic, but there was another way she could get the ink down. After giving the entire bookshelf a close inspection for the exact right spot, Twilight turned around, reared back, and bucked the bookshelf, knocking the ink and several books down to the ground.

    Now that's the way to git r' done! She suddenly blinked as she became aware of her surroundings. Ah gotta get back home. Ah'm gonna fall behind at the farm! Rarity threw another cowboy-hat-filled design sheet to the floor. Her attempts to will her way out of this were not working. Everything she tried to design wound up being that same cowboy hat.

    The hat that was so tied to Applejack that she once wondered if it was glued on. Rarity shook her head. She was going to beat this. She wouldn't let herself be turned into Applejack without a fight. The thought of being Applejack filled her with dread. She couldn't imagine being outside working on a farm of all places. Bucking apples, tending the chickens, getting her lovely hooves dirty in all that work. But then again, all that work was necessary. And the more she thought about it, the more she thought that all that hard work and labor was actually therapeutic. Ponies like Rarity couldn't understand that ponies like her don't mind a little hard work here or there.

    Which reminded her that work was starting to back up at Sweet Apple Acres. She really should get back to work as quickly as Rarity blinked. Did she really just think all that? She took out another design sheet and tried again. I am the most fabulous pony in Ponyville. No, in all of Equestria! I can design the most ornate gala dress the world has ever seen with my eyes closed! I've done it before, and I shall do so again!

    She closed her eyes, and began to focus. Her mind began to produce an image of the most beautiful dress she ever saw! Long, flowing, and sparkling with elegance and grace.