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Nov 16, 9: Nov 16, Nov 17, 6: Nov 17, 8: Nov 18, 4: Nov 18, Need to use Autocad!! More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: GoodmorningNightmare GoodmorningNightmare. I need to use Autocad on my macbook pro 2. I really hate to use Windows, but unfortunately I have to use Autocad that doesn't work on Mac.

What's the best option for me? Guys help me please. Boot Camp? Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: For all above you'll also need an installation of Windows. I teach AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit and a few other pieces of software and as a design teacher I don't care which software do the students use, at the end of the day it is the drawings that matter.

In fact even the "CAD" course is not software specific, and as long as you can transfer data from one package to another, who cares where did it originally come from.

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The actual skills are not directly transferable between the programmes, as they use different commands and concepts. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. That's you. And I replied to i. Is that a problem? And it's free!

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You'll need to backup your course work separately. Always keep current versions of AC on the dock. Even if you use the right-click method, the dock gives you visual confirmation that the right application is being used. Graphisoft gives poor support in this area, by making the icons identical and naming each version, precisely, "Archicad". Double-clicking files is one of those 'automatic' things that's great if you can trust it, but when it's not predictable it makes trouble.

It's not just AC either, recently my. That fixed my. So, right-click or dock. If you have a bad habit here, change it now before 11 starts getting on your nerves. Update re app icons: Briggs to the rescue. We have had a handful of cases where ArchiCAD autosave recovery has failed when it should have succeeded.

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We have also had cases of human error where the autosave never had a chance. Since ArchiCAD deletes the autosave data once it decides right or wrong that it's not needed, you don't get a second chance. Did you know? The MacBook Pro finally came. I knew it would be much faster than the 1. Well, I thought I knew. Far be it from me to actually try benchmarking that anyone else could use.

It's all relative anyway, so let's look at the relatives:. I timed an update of a 3D perspective view placed in a layout. Who knew views would be so helpful for benchmarking? None of this setting and fiddling business, because all the settings are in the view. Very convenient.

The model is pretty hairy and the fills are on. First, I would normally only update this drawing on the PowerMac G5. That's a quad 2.

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The update takes a way tolerable 2: The old PowerBook. Not that old. The last, best PB. I know full well that a G4 is not up to the task, especially in Not that you can't work; you just need to be tactical. Always marquee the 3D window. Turn all the fills off. Refrain from generating full building sections.

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Things like that. It takes a different mindset, but you can still be productive. I would never generate such a view on the PB unless absolutely necessary. I'm fairly sure I never updated this particular drawing on that machine. Still, I was quite surprised at the result, a truly pitiful 6: Moment of silence.

As with any emulation, expect a performance cost. In real life, I'll need to run 10 in this way for a while, because the Universal Wibu driver breaks AC9. I don't use 9, but I need to maintain libraries in it. The 'wrong' AC10 updates the drawing in 2: Swap out the Wibu driver and really go for it. In the properly-compiled AC10, 1: Twice as fast as the G5, almost six times as fast as the G4 PowerBook. This is how to install the large format printer. Installing other printers is similar in some respects.

Perhaps you noticed that Apple has finally released a multi-button pointing device, the Mighty Mouse. I assume the trademark issues are all worked out. Apparently, the next new Mac you get, maybe you won't just throw the mouse away. What a concept. It's really quite nice. Soon I'll need another one.

Then I can dismiss two Microsoft mice; progress. ArchiCAD users beware, though. That's you, right? The mouse works fine in AC out of the box. Scroll-zooming is a pleasure, and the horizontal scrolling works in all other apps. The software that comes with the mouse should be avoided. The driver breaks scroll-button-panning in AC. If you haven't recently had the alternate lifestyle experience of broken scroll-button-panning, take it from me, it's hell.

Worse, uninstalling the driver is, as of this writing, not realistic. I had quite a battle to get the mouse behavior back the way it was pre-MM. You can go ahead and do this. The only possible glitch I have heard of is Java apps misbehaving in Safari, or Safari failing to launch. If you observe any weirdness in Safari, re-install the "" security update.

It is available at 3 Resources: Mac OS Files: Apple has a page on the issue. Incidentally, this is likely the last update to Panther before OS X That is a major update and we will handle it as wait-and-see. Quicksilver is a "launcher", but it does much more than launch applications. It figures out everything about your computer, then hooks everything together so you can perform actions in an intuitive manner. It knows your files, your songs, your address book. You can find a file, say mail it, find the recipient, and done.

No Finder, no dragging, no Open dialog. I've had it for one day, so I'm no expert. Here's 3 links. It's free. It's in beta, so you'll might hit a bug, although I haven't. It will also tell you to update every once in a while, which you should do. This is how to install our gigantic new plotter. This is also the name you will see in Page Setup. It will be the default, unless you want to make another printer the default.

If so, select it and click "Make Default". Not Plot Setup! Select the Paper Size from the next pulldown. This is recommended for lots of issues, and it's at least partially voodoo. But it worked for me. This is one of the stock OS X troubleshooting tips.

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It does actually solve some problems, and it doesn't do any harm. Select your hard disk name in the left panel. Select the First Aid tab in the right panel.