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Why Choose Tweetbot: Notable Features: Timeline Filters. Quickly filter a timeline to show only tweets with media, retweets, links, or create your own keyword or rules-based filter.

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Access these saved filters any time with two taps. Mute Filters. Hide Tweets in your timelines by specific users, keywords, hashtags, or even the client that published the Tweet. Select the length of time to mute and use regular expressions for smarter muting. Profile Notes. Ever forget why you followed someone or wanted to jot notes for future reference? Custom Timelines. Create and manage public or private lists and then use them as curated timelines.

Tweetbot allows you to quickly switch between lists and even use one as your main timeline. Tweetbot syncs your read position and much more so your experience is seamless when switching from desktop to mobile and vice versa. Tweet Topics.

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Start tweet topics to automatically chain together multiple Tweets with the ability to append optional hashtags and create tweet storms. Tweetbot has been a fantastic client for Twitter, and I've never experienced any glitches. Its GUI is intuitive and clean, and importantly lacks the ads that Twitter's app shows.

However, Twitter has been ending support for various APIs that make third party apps like Tweetbot possible and useful. As a result and through no fault of the developers of Tweetbot, Tweetbot's usefulness and features are in decline. They have had to recently end features such as user statistics because that info is no longer being pushed by Twitter to third parties.

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It's a shame, and while the app still functions flawlessly, the increasing stripping of features is becoming an annoyance. It's not Tweetbot's fault, but it does mean that my otherwise heartfelt recommendation for the app has to be made with the important caveat that third party twitter clients are no longer really supported by Twitter and thus Tweetbot is not as useful as it should be.

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My experience with the app has been excellent otherwise, but I suspect that in the future Tweetbot might not really function properly at all if Twitter keeps scrapping support for their APIs. It's at that point that I will probably stop using Twitter though. Appreciate haptic feedback and also oled display support in dark mode.

I always like a new refresh of things and appreciate change, so the updated profile view is nice and the iconography is simple but still easy to follow after the update. Something I did like from the standard Twitter app. Can be a bit confusing. I still prefer to use TweetBot over the standard app for timeline convenience especially.

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Social media apps are generally made for the purpose of hooking their users, pulling them into a forever loop of stats and notifications. Tweetbot has always been good for getting out of that loop, with an interface that deemphasizes numbers and puts the things that actually matter in the forefront. Due to meddling from Twitter, they've had to remove a few features such as notifications for likes and retweets, and reply and message notifications have gotten slower.

They've removed the page showing which tweets of yours are popular. That's sad for the devs who have to compete with the main app, but I turned off those features years ago.