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After the software has been installed, the system will need an update from XBox live to bring Microsoft's HD-DVD player up to the latest version the update won't be installed until the HD-DVD drive installation disc has been installed. The HD-DVD drive can't be used for games on the XBox , and is only really useful as a movie player; this is one of the downsides of selling the drive as an add-on. From our navigation of the menus, watching movies, and playing with fast forward and rewind, we can easily say that the Microsoft HD-DVD player and the Xbox do a good job of handling the content we've seen thus far - at least as well as our PC platforms.

Since you're not really expected or able in many cases to multitask on your , CPU utilization doesn't really matter so long as the player doesn't drop any frames. That's what we'll find out next. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. No you can't.

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Privacy Policy. Contact Us. For instance, I had to add about a ms delay to the audio in one of my ripped movies in order to make the sound sync up correctly with the video. Handbrake can't handle this by itself, so I used the Mkvtoolnix application which has mkvmerge GUI built into it to demux and remux one of my mkv files, adding in the ms delay. Where do you go from there? What version of Mac OS X are you running?

Using a external DVD/ HD DVD player to play games?

Also, what USB port are you using? Mac OS X I'm using the USB port furthest away from the screen. I can't run a normal DVD. Thank you for such an informative article and for the pertinent links.

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It has saved me immense amounts of time on researching the topic!! Thanks for the write-up article. I have a couple questions though. I will be using MakeMKV like you do, but instead of converting them to. MP4 I want to keep the videos in.

Hey, Remember The Xbox 's HD-DVD Drive? It Was A Thing.

I usually rip the MKV straight to a giant archive drive right now I've just about filled it up , uncompressed, at p with the original sound track. Each file is about GB, depending on the movie. Then I convert to another format usually a p with AC3 5.

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These files are about 1. Thanks for the explanation Jeff. Yeah, I have two 2TB drives on my Stora so the space would become an issue fast if I wasn't compressing them in some form or another. I don't mind using Handbrake for it, but in my experience it usually takes hours to complete the process. I'm also thinking about hooking up my currently unused Microsoft HD-DVD drive and attempting to back up some of those movies. I might need some more expert advice from you if I run into any problems. Thanks so much for this article!

I was wondering though, what about the faster internal BD-Rom drives? The drive that is listed above is a 4x read drive, while internal drives on newegg have speeds up to 12x. Since I have a PC at home that I could use an internal drive in, then pass the files over the network to my Mac, that would be ideal if I could get ripping speeds of 3x faster. Also, I was a little confused about the Mac support for this drive.

Making your Xbox 360 HD DVD drive PC-compatible

Do you have to run VMWare so that the Mac will recognise the device? Or has that been overcome since then and VMWare is no longer required?

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  8. It would be nice to do the entire process on the mac, but I might be able to save a lot of time by getting a faster drive and passing the files over the network. Let me know what you think! The drive and BD discs is recognized by the Mac just fine. Thanks very much for the posting. I successfully used your method for getting a DVD onto my computer. BUT now would like to burn copies to share with family. Can you refer me to another posting on how to burn DVD's with a Mac?

    It appears I may need to buy software.. I only have iMovie, not iDVD on my laptop.

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    It's simple, fast, and easy to use. MTS file to. MOV or.

    MP4 on a Mac for iMovie, etc. Jeff Geerling — 8 years ago. Philip — 8 years ago. Also, can you read a normal DVD through the drive? Thanks for your assistance! I bookmarked this page because I'm sure transferring my Blu-rays will be a little bit easier!