Fix error 1015 iphone 3g 4.2.1 on mac

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We can provide no further help with a jailbroken iPhone in these forums. At this moment your doing what you need to do which is not working. So it may be the second option. Until somebody proves me wrong? Nov 19, 3: Error is usually a downgrade error.

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This is a higher number than the current baseband which comes with iOS 4. So any Restore by default is a downgrade because the installed baseband is higher than the one iTunes is trying install. There is a recent complete fix which corrects the baseband back to iPhone baseband so there is no problem with future Restores and because it is now iPhone baseband re-enables the GPS chipset. You will have to search the Web for this fix.

My iPhone 3 has an error , I have tried to restore several times. Please help More Less. Communities Contact Support.

To Re-Jailbreak

Sign in. Browse Search. This finally got my iphone 3G working again.

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When I tried doing this it got stuck again in restore mode as it was before fixing it through your instructions So now I am following your instructions once more to get it working again. Once its working… how do I get my iPhone 3G back to factory settings no jailbreak?

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Guess I have more work to do. Thanx anyway. I have I am starting to think that I need iTunes version 10 but no one mentions this on any of the tutorials. Please let me know. How to fix this and. It worked! Alhamdullilah…It worked. Thank you so much for this post. By the way it took me several months to succeed. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

How to Fix iPhone 3G Error – Techanges

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Unfortunately, the iTunes restore failed with an error I re-attempted the restore, this time holding the Option key while clicking on Restore so I could browse for and select my custom ipsw image file.

Error 1015

This time, I got an error After hours of googling, experiments where I got other errors like , and reading my own posts on the subject I had forgotten everything , I found the answer. It turns out that the previous jailbreak I used was an tethered jailbreak; meaning that if I rebooted the iPhone, I would have to connect it to the computer and do something.

In this scenario, that something would probably be to run a tool like TinyUmbrella to kick the iPhone out of recovery mode.

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Unfortunately, this method did not work and the iPhone promptly booted back into recovery mode. The iTunes restore error was caused by the updated I have no idea what the error is about though. This Youtube video, How to: Basically run any version of RedSn0w 0. Turn the iPhone off first. DFU mode is entered by holding the power button for 3 seconds, both power and home buttons for 10 seconds, and the home button for 15 seconds. If you have trouble getting into DFU mode and end up in recovery mode, use TinyUmbrella to exit recovery mode and try again.

Rather than using my previous custom iOS 4.