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It works great when you're in urban environments, and not at all when you're on top of an isolated mountain. The Pro X2 only failed once to geotag in urban environments during testing.

It did, however, miss-tag a couple of images by applying the location information from a previous shoot from 30 minutes earlier. So be sure to check this data if tagging is important to you.

Geotagging is enabled in the Eye-Fi Center software. The Eye-Fi Pro X2 is best suited for casual photographers who prefer convenience over speed, highlighted by wireless file transfer, automated card maintenance, and urban geotagging.

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The new Eye-Fi Center software provides many configuration options and sports an improved interface. How to buy the best SD card for your camera, phone, tablet.

Best USB-C memory card readers. Which Mac should you buy? Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. At a Glance. Eye-Fi Pro X2.

Eye-Fi Pro X2

The home screen of the new Eye-Fi Center software. Transfer Mode Options To upload an image directly to my Flickr account or Facebook or other social networking site , I applied the "Protect" key to the picture while viewing it on the camera's LCD screen.

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This configuration is controlled by choosing the Selective Share option in the Eye-Fi Center software, which has three transfer mode choices: Automatic all photos uploaded to computer and designated sharing site Selective Share all photos transferred to computer, but only selected images go online Selective Transfer only selected photos go to computer and online These new options make the Eye-Fi card infinitely more practical than in the old days, where everything you shot was automatically transferred.

Endless Memory Once the images have been moved to your computer, you don't even have to erase them off the card. The company had previously released a Mac version , noting, "If and when the Windows version is available, it can be accessed at the same location. For details on that announcement please click HERE.

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There is new information contained in this announcement. This notice is to inform you that Eyefi has completed work on a new desktop software utility -- the X2 Utility X2U for the PC and Mac -- that will permit cards impacted by the EOL to continue operating beyond the deadline of Sept. As a reminder, after Sept. Customers wishing to use the X2U will have to uninstall Eye-Fi Center from their computer prior to installing the new utility.