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Sorry, but there are places where KVMs are still a must. Ron writes of one such. Anywhere that you need to manage machines during boot or at the BIOS level, software tools won't work. To do that with servers in a rack takes cabled hardware and a hard console at the rack so one can insert, remove, and boot from alternate media or hit special keys during boot to direct the boot process. There isn't time to power a server on and then run to a machine somewhere else and bring up a web browser or other software to do that; the window of opportunity would be gone before you got there.

Iogear blesses MiniView KVM switch for Mac mini

And in most cases such other software could not communicate with the server being managed until its OS was fully loaded. It runs its own web server and can manage connected machines at power-up and in BIOS over an IP connection to anywhere. But if you have to be hands-on with the server during power-up even that won't work unless you have a laptop or something running a web browser at the rack. And having never used one I'm not certain that you can intervene during boot with special keystrokes through the web browser interface, or do it fast enough to be effective.

So probably a conventional KVM is the only viable solution in that setting. Doing this with ONE screen is critical if some of the computers being accessed are in different locations. It's problem, now, in the Windows world, is that it appears that it doesn't support Windows You provided no useful information.

Your post should be fired and I will accept mine being fired too. Mat Kim, no The article is misleading for those who are looking for a true KVM switch solution with one monitor. While it isn't a perfect alternative, installing a client server solution on multiple clients and one server does in fact allow you to switch Keyboard and Mouse control over the server system.

The keyboard and mouse are part of a different computer system rather than just an independent keyboard and mouse , but the solution works. Not sure why Synergy wasn't reviewed especially given the criteria: I tried Input Director early on. I'm sharing because Synergy made my workflow so much more efficient I made a donation as a freelance dev this is the best possible endorsement I can give a piece of software. Yeah, me too. I have used it for years and there is nothing available that is anywhere near Synergy. Like Ryan, I've been a fan of Synergy.

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Cheap donation ware, actually and well supported. I like and use it so much I went back and gave the dev an additional donation recently. Multiplicity has been my go-to virtual KVM. You can share controls over up to 9 PCs with their native monitors as a seamless desktop. Even more if you buy a special business license through their sales managers. You can set up audio sharing which works surprisingly well on lan! Some features are locked into higher price models, but the 20 dollar model will net you 2 PC KM and audio features; the 40 dollar model gives you access to 9 PCs and all the features I listed here.

Even more features are available in the 80 dollar and high volume licenses. Not sufficient for many home office workers:. Frustrating - but still don't want to clutter up my home office desk with too many mice, keyboards, etc. Also don't want to work on the 12" screen of my job laptop permanently. Great example for why, even in you would still need a KVM switch for your multi-pc setup - unless you are a pure home user, self employed person or got the luck to work for a company not dictating use of VPN for working.

Remote support software is a wonderful technology which helps businesses in providing efficient technical support, increased productivity etc. Tools like R-HUB remote support servers, logmein, teamviewer etc. For me the main point of KVM would be because I have two monitors plugged into my main PC, and I'd like to use those with other PC's without having to buy dual monitors for all other pc's and physically reposition myself to be looking at the other PC. That doesn't give me dual monitors when I connect to the other PC, but it at least lets me stay seated where I am, facing the same way.

So now I know I've had a workable solution all along Just Google for KVM switches and you'll find a plethora of options It certainly wasn't true 3 years ago. Its free version is by far the most appropriate when it comes to remote login.

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T guys yet Team Viewer can be used by anyone TeamViewer is laggy as hell. It's a workable option, but can be very frustrating. I use it to manage the PC of my elderly grandmother who lives 4 hours away. Best way to handle multiple machines. Right now I'm running Windows 10, linux mint, and hackintosh machines all right next to each other on 3 screens with 1 mouse and keyboard.

Unlike some of the programs mention in this article. I used it to rescue a PC with a dead monitor to remotely adjust parameters for a new video card supporting the replacement higher resolution monitor while the pc was still without a monitor - and did all this from my android phone.

It also works with iOS. Overall it works very well and it's great if you need to remote to a PC for some reason, but the interface can be pretty laggy and frustrating at times. I use it to manage my families various machines when they call asking for help, but this process always takes longer than it would in person due to the input and response lag. I'm on a 60Mbps connection and I use TeamViewer to access the multiple PC's in my own home as well and it's frustrating on my local network as well Can any of these link a PC with a Mac?

I have a PC for work with 4 monitors. I use a Mac for music software.

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It would be nice to use the same workstation to save money and space. For what its worth. Also Email machine Above. Wife's computer 5th machine and Son's computer far away are being handled with KVM mode. Only problem thus far has been the mouse goes crazy when I try to do play WOW on my wifes machine from my monitor. If I want to add 1 more PC to this set up so I can switch between the two using the same monitors, am I able to do this with any of these softwares or do I have to go down the KVM switch route? From what I've read above sounds as if you can move between pc's however they need their own monitors attached??

Not sure if anyone responded, but see my post immediately below yours. I don't believe you will be able to share all three monitors on two machines with a software KVM. If indeed you find one that is possible, i'd love to know about it. Very misleading article, obviously no software solution will ever replace a hardware KVM in situations where you need access to the various devices before an OS boots up BIOS config, OS installs , or when network connectivity within the particular OS is not an option.

MaxiVista been around some 13 years and is good Mouse without borders is good for free The ShareMouse looks good I need to try it. ShareMouse is free for "non-power" users. I've just completed the very simple setup and it works great, for my application. My home network includes a work laptop and a home theater PC setup to control a TV. I cannot verify the limit at this point, as I've only attempted to and only need it to run two system. I first installed Sharemouse on the laptop. Sharemouse installation automatically configures the firewall and installs a service a "bypass" of Windows User Account Control.

On the completion of installation, a Sharemouse system tray tooltip indicated the detection of another machine on the network, and instructed installation was required on the other machine. As soon as I completed the second installation, matching open UDP ports, the application was functional. Sharemouse is free for "non-power" users. My home network includes a work laptop and a home theater PC setup to control the TV.

The author does mention a two screen limit on the free version. I cannot verify the limit at this point, as I only have two monitors in play. If I read correctly, there is an error in the article regarding the installation of Sharemouse. As I recall, the author says the installation is only required on one machine.

IOGEAR 2-Port HDMI Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Audio, GCS62HU

This was not my experience on Windows 7 both machines running Win 7 Pro 64 bit. Sharemouse installation automatically configures the firewall and installs a service. This is a simple, polished, very functional, FREE application. I want to add my two cents on Synergy. An awesome program, but as you mentioned, damn hard to set up.

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  • I have set it up dozens of times on different set ups in my time. Your Amazon. KVM Switches. Customers also bought.

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    Top rated See more. Plugable USB 3. Computer Components: External Components: See Details. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Promotion Available See Details. Sabrent USB 3. Available to ship in days. In Stock. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Previous Page 1 2 Apple's new Mac mini has made a splash because it's the least-expensive Macintosh ever: The Mac mini uses industry-standard interfaces to connect its peripherals: With Iogear's MiniView switch, the Mac mini can share a common analog display, USB keyboard and mouse and multimedia speakers with another computer.

    Almost any KVM switch should work with the Mac mini, but Iogear has gone a step further by announcing a Mac-specific feature: