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Shoot your shot. This season he will have company. The rest of the Eastern Conference might be in trouble. Houston's and Virginia Tech's tournament hopes also could hinge on how the selection committee uses the new metric in Saturday's top 16 release.

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Starting Saturday, Duke faces the hardest six-game stretch in all of college basketball. Here's a look at how it may shake out for them, even if you aren't feeling too sorry for the Blue Devils. There will be twists. How's this for a tough bracket: The Vikings and Colts could be tricky.

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The absence of undefeated teams doesn't mean there are no great ones. Plus, some more college hoops hot takes I can prove. Mississippi State has the look of an ascendant tournament team, but warning signs linger for the Bulldogs and others. Kentucky scored an impressive win at Auburn on Saturday, and the data says the Wildcats are legit. Plus, some other college hoops hot takes I can prove. You're not supposed to be able to score from these spots. A strong returning cast has Loyola-Chicago primed for another first-round upset.

Plus, three more Giant Killers candidates. In the NFL, the first 2. Who did their jobs the best -- and worst -- immediately following the snap? The Rockets superstar is dominating in ways unfamiliar and undeniable.

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Nick Foles is magical. The Saints are unbeatable at home. Let's separate fact from fiction for the remaining playoff teams. Defensive Player of the Year. Rookies of the Year. Bill Barnwell makes his regular-season pick for every major award. The Patriots' two-game losing streak has many anointing their demise. Giannis dunks, Harden 3s, midrange artists -- here's who is leading the league from each zone. All five first-round signal-callers are now starters, but their results have been hit-and-miss so far.

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Here's what you need to know. LeBron James, deep 3-point sniper? This chipset consolidates a bunch of hardware subsystems into one chipset, but also introduces some interesting security features that will be adopted on other Macs, eventually. Microsoft has done much security work in memory protections, usually to prevent initial exploits, zero days, and privilege escalations.

DEP attempts to prevent malicious buffer overflows, where a malware program attempts to place executable code in a data area, and then trick the OS into executing it. DEP prevents the OS from executing anything in areas marked as data. ASLR places common, critical, system executables in different places in memory between each boot. This makes it significantly harder for malicious programs that attempt to manipulate and modify these components to find them. SEHOP attempts to stop malicious, rogue, error handling from being installed and executed when an execution error is found.

These security features and other preventative technologies morphed into what Microsoft now calls Control Flow Guard. It is enabled on every Microsoft program and is available in programming tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio EMET also arrived in Vista, as an add-in to help prevent 0day attacks. It contained memory protections, digital certificate handling improvements like certificate pinning , early warnings, and improved reporting to both the OS admin and Microsoft so they could identify the technical specifics of different new attacks.

EMET expanded to over 15 separate mitigations, and its proven protection became so recommended that Microsoft built it into Windows 10 with the Creators Update release as Windows Defender Exploit Guard. This is a common attack used by malware to compromise a system, but the XD creates a barrier of sorts.

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Windows Once an OS boots up, the most important security feature it can have is in limiting who has allowed, authorized access to it. This is controlled by a logon authentication security feature and might include passwords, biometrics, digital certificates, and other multi-factor devices, such as smartcards and USB authentication tokens.

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It has also become especially important to protect logon credentials after the authorized party has logged on, temporarily or permanently, whether stored in memory or on disk, to stop various credential theft and re-use attacks. Windows 10 has strong support for broad password policies, and for biometric, multi-factor, and digital certificate authentication. It supports face and fingerprint recognition, which allows for quick and easy sign-ons, but behind the scenes uses secure digital certificate technology.

Users can still use a password or a shorter PIN, although each of these can only be enabled as an option after setting up more traditional authentication methods such as password. Windows Hello also works with enabled applications, such as Dropbox and multiple password managers. Microsoft, worried about the theft of credentials in memory, created Virtualization Based Security VBS , where logon credentials are secured in a hardware-based, virtualized subset of the operating system that is nearly impervious to malicious attacks.

Credential Guard defeats many of the most critical and popular password attacks. France, Ile de France France, Poitou Charentes Altrad bks Stihl Italy, Basilicata PZ. Stihl MS C. Dolmar Elagueuse tronconneuse thermique psth neuve. France, Aquitaine Dolmar Husqvarna XP.

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